What Makes You Tick?

What Makes You Tick?:

A New Paradigm for Neuroscience
Gerard Verschuuren
Publication: October 2012
ISBN 978-1-893426-04-7
Description: Tradepaper, 6″ x 9″, 154 pages, $17.99

Imprint: Solas Press


Eminent neuroscientists have ended their careers to examine the mind-brain problem because their practice showed the speculative approach is flawed.

Answers in this field will create a new weltanschauung. Long ago, Francis Bacon ushered in a revision of Aristotelian science and a new empiricist worldview. Now, the renowned Wilder Penfield’s dictum “There is a switchboard operator as well as a switchboard.” demands a radical rethinking in neuroscience and in our general worldview.

Dr. Verschuuren’s exciting interdisciplinary scrutiny is for scientists and the general reader. He does not shy from complexities such as intentionality, self-reference, and free will; and he succeeds in putting it all in ordinary language.

  • Kevin J. Fleming, Grey Matters International Inc, “courageous voice….”
  • Paul Copan, Palm Beach Atlantic University, “helpful guide on the self and its brain”
  • Richard Schenk, University President, “succeeded…in raising anew…of how a university should be constructed to allow for interdisciplinarity.”
  • Michael Dodds, DSPT at the Graduate Theological Union, “brings neuroscience and metaphysics together…”
  • John Siberski, MD, Georgetown ¬†University, “will compel psychiatrists…and others…to reconsider some of the assumptions…”