Table of Contents


Foreword   by   Paul Camarata, M.D., FACS Chairman Dept. of Neurosurgery, University of Kansas School of Medicine                                                                                  


Chapter 1. Clockwork                                                                   

Intermission 1A: A Technical Defeat of Determinism

Intermission 1B: The Debate on Determinism in Physics

Chapter 2. A DNA Blueprint                                                                   

Intermission 2A: From Genes to DNA

Chapter 3. A Network of Neurons                                                          

Intermission 3A: What Makes Mental Concepts Unique

Intermission 3B: Are We the Only Rational Beings on Earth?

Chapter 4. Thoughts, Hopes, and Dreams                       

Intermission 4A: The Mirror Test

Intermission 4B: Is There a Ghost in the Machine?

Chapter 5. What Ought to Be Done                                                   

Intermission 5A: Human Dignity

Intermission 5B: Is There Altruism in the Animal World?

Chapter 6. Help from Beyond                                                        

Intermission 6A: The Boundary Conditions of the Universe

Intermission 6B: What Obscures the Grand Beyond

Chapter 7. A New Neuroscience                                                    

Intermission 7A: Thinking Animals

Intermission 7B Do Machines Think Like We Do?

Chapter 8. The Shadow of a Paradigm Shift