May 17, 2013 Solas Press releases the ARC edition of The Letters of Peter H. Burnett

May 17, 2013, For Immediate Release
Antioch California
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The book, a prelude to a biography of Burnett, is important because:

1. At the most abstract level the book reinforces  the nature of history itself. The reader will be struck by the overriding force of freely made individual decisions in the events narrated. This, of course, runs counter to our quasi scientific tendency to see  history as merely a process—a necessary response to predetermined factors. So history as factual rather than a rational enterprise is reinforced.

2. In the general public only hazy ideas exist about the founding of California, and in regard to the events described here, there are misconceptions among those who should have an interest in the exact truth. The bringing together of the primary documents in Burnett’s correspondence and some of the known historical facts casts a new and surprising light on the conventionally accepted  views of the period.

3. Burnett’s character is often cast in an evil light–xenophobic to the point of hatred of others and intent on genocide. However, a closer examination shows a noble and philosophical struggle within his circumstances and within the culture of his times –in fact, a courageous avant-garde pursuit of a harmonious society.

4. The material here points to the need for a rigorous biographical study of California’s first governor.

Bibliographic Data

History/Biography, The Letters of Peter H. Burnett: Reality and the Roots of California.  Editor: Dominic Colvert, 6″ x 9″ Trade Paper, 255 pages, Publication Date First Edition November 2013, $28.95, ISBN ARC Edition 978-1-893426-81-8, ISBN First Edition 978-1-893426-75-7

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