The Wonderful Myth Called Science

By Fred Bauer

ISBN 978-1-893426-97-9
April 2008

About The Wonderful Myth Called Science:

Einstein, Descartes, Locke, Bohr, Rorty, Berkeley, Hume, Kant–magical names! When we step on an airplane, turn the key in the ignition, or switch on an air conditioner, we–not just academicians–all agree that the ideas of these far-sighted sages of the Enlightenment and Modernism saved us from the Medieval life. But, as the author shows, if we fully accept their ideas a drastic change in our world–view ensues.

Fred Bauer has been examining the great minds for many years, and in easily understood terms gives us a surely amazing Grand Unifying Theory. Of course, he gives ample reasons why we each have to choose for ourselves–rejecting or accepting concepts. In any case, The Wonderful Myth Called Science poses an exciting and at times an emotionally challenging exploration of science and living.